Thursday, April 21, 2011

~~friendship poem ~~

when you're not here to share my days and nights,
my life is so incomplete, 
for you are my heart my soul,
The 'oneness' i had known to seek,

without you..i merely exist from day to day ,
with you i know that i will find ,
all that i have been searching for, 
my completeness, my internal peace of mind

you are the keeper of my dreams, 
stand beside trough thick and thin, 
trough all that life will throw our way, 
knowing that this special day we share, 
will guide us, each and every day, 

this journey was started long ago, 
before this time and place, 
the journey of completeness,
as two hearts and soul embrace,

forever is what i want with u, 
for the search is at an end, 
our hearts have found each other, 
as lovers- as soulmate- as friends.


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very2 simple person.. sape yg knal aku taw la yeeee ~mudah tersentuh dgn crita2 sedih.. ~mudah menyayangi & sgt suka disayangi ~kuat mkn...haha...gemok!!